•  Additional Credits (IMDB)                  SAG/AFTRA

  HP TouchSmart 520xt Trainer Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
  McDonald's: Tommy's Last McNugget Announcer Leo Burnett USA
  Briggs and Stratton: Ode to Bob Announcer Carmichael Lynch
  DuPont Coragen: Power Announcer McCormick Company
  CARMAX Man Boone-Oakley
  Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 Old Man Dirt TBWA/CHIAT/DAY
  Toyota Camry Announcer Intertrend Communications
  G.I. JOE/ Sigma Strike Duke Announcer Hasbro, Inc./Frames
  Trusted Choice Announcer Publicis
  Barbie - Zat Girl French Announcer Ogilvy & Mather
  American Angus Association Bull NKH&W
  DishNet Caveman The Richard Group
  Pizza Hut General Manager DDB Needham
  Lucky Supermarkets Trucker Grey Advertising
  Ameritech Producer Fallon/McElligott
  Knotts Scary Farm Creature of Darkness CBS TV
  Devil May Cry 5 Morrison/Goliath Capcom
  Skylanders: SuperChargers Terrafin Activision
  Skylanders: Trap Team Boomer, Free Ranger, Terrafin Activision
  Skylanders: SWAP Force Free Ranger Activision
  Skylanders: Giants Terrafin & Boomer Activision
  Hitman 5 Chester The Bum/Landlord Neat Deal Productions
  Transformers: Dark of the Moon Various High Moon Studios
  Brutal Legend Bouncer/Kabbage Boy Bassist Double Fine Productions
  Asura’s Wrath Warrior Cyber Connect 2
  MAFIA II Leon, Black Gangster, Black Male, Jack Take 2 Productions, Inc
  COMMAND & CONQUER - RED ALERT 3 Imperial Tsunami Tank & Allied Javelin Soldier Electronic Arts
  FANTASTIC FOUR: Rise of the Silver Surfer The Thing Take 2 Productions
  Gothic 3 Orc Womb Music
  The Sopranos: Road to Respect Various Voicework Productions
  Saints Row Thug Savant Productions
  Sam and Max Bosco/Jimmy 2 Teeth Telltale Games
  Superman Returns Parasite/Metallo/NPR Announcer Electronic Arts
  Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Mega/Cop Neversoft
  Ultimate Spiderman Various Activision
  Jade Empire Various Bioware
  Everquest II Various Sony
  Men of Valor Marine & Pilot Interactive Associates
  Renegade Sniper/Flame Thrower Electronic Arts
  Bone: The Great Cow Race Euclid Telltale Games
  The Queen's Corgi Chihuahua/Sanjay/Al Sation StudioCanal
  Son of Bigfoot Principal Jones nWave Pictures
  Monster Island Shiro/Fergus/Mayor's Assistant Ánima Estudios
  The Wild Life Scrubby StudioCanal
  Last Days of Coney Island Men Ralph Bakshi Productions
  Phantom Boy The Big Guy France 3 Cinéma
  Thunder and the House of Magic Chihuahua nWave Pictures
  Robert Evans Cartoon Emilio Comedy Central
  McGruff - Dangerous Strangers McGruff the Crime Dog Aims Media
  Dinozaurs Tricera Saban Entertainment
  Space Jam Monstar Bang Warner Brothers
  Spicy City Max HBO/Ralph Bakshi
  Be Cool Series Chester the Cat James Stanfield Publishing
  Problem Child Talking Head DIC
  The Swan Princess II Knuckles Rich Animation
  Cool World Slash/Holli's Door Paramount
  Darkwing Duck Stegmutt Disney Productions
  Little Dracula Werebunny Mike Young Productions
  Eeek the Cat Ghost Steve Savage Productions
  The Little Wizards Boo Marvel Productions
  Glo Friends Various (7) Marvel Productions
  American Pop Fred Ralph Bakshi/Columbia
  Squash and Stretch Squash and Stretch Special Short/Ralph Bakshi
  My Little Pony Baby Eagle Marvel Productions
  The Smurfs Natural Smurf Hanna-Barbera
  Superman Villian Marvel Productions
  CBS School Break Englishman CBS Productions
  Tarzan Beast in the Iron Mask Filmation

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